Our Mission

Here at Madsen Label we wanted to create a brand that inspires women to be confident in themselves! Women are bombarded with so many different opinions of what we should look like or wear & it can be overwhelming.

Our jewelry is a reminder that you are beautiful inside & out! Express yourself with the pieces you love and embrace your natural beauty! Take the time to invest in yourself because you are worth it! We want you to enjoy the benefits of quality  over quantity so that you can enjoy our timeless pieces for years to come! Every women deserves a little something for themselves to feel beautiful!

Gold filled jewelry fits my lifestyle as a mother of three and entrepreneur. With my busy day to day life of being a mom, exercising, and running a business I want to have a little something that helps me confident throughout my day! Our jewelry will enhance any look and is the perfect addition to any outfit.

The best part is, you can get your pieces wet! Finding gold filled jewelry that will last and can get it wet? Are you kidding? Yes please!! I LOVE that I can wear my pieces for days without taking them off! I wear them with everything and I wanted to share all of these pieces with you!  

I have invested so much time and energy finding the best quality pieces for you because you deserve it! I hope you love my pieces as much as I do! When you put on our jewelry remember that you are a beautiful just the way you are! #loveyourself #naturalbeauty #taketimeforyourself



What is the difference between gold filled & gold plated jewelry?

Gold filled jewelry has real layers of gold that are bonded to a base metal. It is required to have at least 5% gold while gold plated only has .05% Madsen Label mainly sells gold filled jewelry to ensure longer lasting products that will not tarnish and can be worn in water.

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