Here is what you need to know about the jewelry you are buying!

What is Gold filled jewelry?

Gold filled jewelry has layers of gold bonded to a base metal and it can last 10-30 years! It is more affordable than pure gold and you get the benefits of being able to get your pieces wet without worrying about your pieces getting ruined. It is the highest quality you can get without buying pure gold.

How long will my jewelry last?

If taken care of your pieces can last 10-30 years. It is a much more affordable option compared to gold but you still get the benefits of being able to wear it daily without tarnishing.

Will my jewelry tarnish?

No, your jewelry will not tarnish as long as you do not wear it in harsh chemicals such as chlorine or salt water.

Can I get my jewelry wet?

Yes! This is one of the benefits of gold filled! You can get your pieces wet, wear working out, or in the shower.

What is the difference between gold filled & gold plated jewelry?

Gold filled jewelry has real layers of gold that are bonded to a base metal. It is required to have at least 5% gold while gold plated only has .05% Madsen Label mainly sells gold filled jewelry to ensure longer lasting products that will not tarnish and can be worn in water.

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